SATUJAYA SDN BHD was incorporated on 13 March, 1986, in the midst of recession, eagerly edging itself in the construction industry, whilst trying to establish a business culture which is different yet conforming to the principles of business ethics and morality.

During that period of difficult times, especially for construction-based companies, Satujaya Sdn Bhd was able to keep afloat and was able to make some steady profits. This was because of our stringent quality awareness and work culture that also gained the confidence of our clients, which included large international construction companies. It brought Satujaya, a company, specializing in factory construction to residential and commercial buildings, from single-unit construction to multi-unit development.

Satujaya Sdn Bhd’s forte is its ability to complete projects well ahead of schedule whilst maintaining high level of quality workmanship. This could only be achieved through careful and thorough planning, prudent management and most important of all, a professional and dedicated group of staff.

To enhance the Company’s activities and professionalism in this competitive industry, supporting subsidiaries have been established for the sole purpose of providing convenience and quality service to the clients.

Satujaya Sdn Bhd is the main arm in the Satujaya Group of Companies, which comprises of Satujaya Homes Sdn Bhd, Satujaya Project Sdn Bhd, and Satujaya Trading Sdn Bhd.

In this millennium, as in the past, our vision and objective has always been to provide quality construction services and to be the best in the construction industry. In line with this, we have strived and achieved the internationally accepted quality standard – the ISO 9001:2008 certification. With this achievement, we also plan to expand and diversify into other areas in the industry.

As always, our successes have been attributed, directly or otherwise, to the warm support and co-operation of our clients, business associates, financiers, suppliers and sub-contractors, but most of all to our dedicated and loyal staff, without which our Company will not be what it is today. Being mindful of this, Satujaya Group of Companies will continue to venture into the future of unsurpassed opportunities and successes.