Executive Director

Mr. Koh Seng Wee, the newly appointed Executive Director of Satujaya graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with a Bachelor of Sains in Housing, Building and Planning.

He joined Satujaya in 1991 as a Quantity Surveyor. A self-motivated, resourceful and result driven Quantity Surveyor, Mr. Koh had achieved excellent result on negotiations and recommendations, and effectively manage all the costs related to construction projects.

He was appointed as Satujaya Contracts Manager in 1992. As a Contracts Manager, Mr. Koh was in charge of building and managing the relationship and contracts between the company and it's suppliers and vendors. Responsible for being the focal point for the treatment of all contractual issues and also involved in organising and controlling working relationships with these business partners.

Mr. Koh was promoted as the Contracts Director of Satujaya Sdn Bhd in 2009 to 2011. During his tenure as a Contracts Director, he had proven ability to establish and negotiate the contractual agreements of the company as well as developing innovative contracting approaches to achieve positive outcomes.

The Board Director unanimously appointed Mr. Koh as the Executive Director in 2012.


Corporate Management Director

Mr. Michael Yap joined Satujaya in 1990. During his tenure as a Project Manager he was involved in building and plant construction and remedial works for notable clients such as Lever Brothers, Sime Tyre International, Food Specialties, PKNS and JKR.

Under his stewardship, some of the group's most prestigious projects such as Matsushita TV, Sony Video, Sumitomo Electric, Pioneer Technology and 125 units bungalow in Desa MOCCIS was successfully constructed and handed over to the clients.

As the company grows, Mr. Michael Yap was assumed his role as the General Manager of the Operations Department. He was overall responsible for the execution of projects and performance of the Operation Department. As a General Manager he was to ensure all projects are completed with safety first culture, on time delivery, within budget and of quality works to the satisfaction of our customers/clients.

In 2010, Mr. Michael Yap was promoted as a Project Director of the Group. He was subsequently appointed as the Corporate Management Director of Satujaya in 2012.



Contracts Manager cum Project Development Manager 

Mr. Michel Wong earned his Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Urban Property Surveying in University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

He was the Project Development Coordinator in Satujaya from year 1999. His vast experience in Quantity Surveying and property valuation in addition to his self-motivated quality and foresight, ability to plan ahead had earned him the promotion to Project Development Manager of the company in year 2000.

As a Project Development Manager, he was in charge of property development and quantity surveying works which involved feasibility, designing, tendering, documentation, construction, maintenance and project financing.

In addition to his current portfolio, Mr. Michael Wong was assigned another important responsibility as the Contracts Manager of Satujaya. In 2010, he is overall responsible for the execution and performance of the Contracts and Procurement Department. Responsible in the selection of suppliers and sub-contractors and managing the Company's contracts and procurement activities.


General Manager

Mr. Lau joined Satujaya in 1995 as a fresh graduate from Colleges Polytechnic Ungku Omar Ipoh with a Diploma in Civil Engineering as a Site Supervisor. He was assigned to some of the company's most prestigious projects such as Hitachi, Mitsui Copper Foil, Nippon Electric Glass, Pioneer Electronic and Sumitomo Electric.

His exposures in site planning, site management and coordination with sub-contractors and suppliers impressed the company founder the late Dato' Patrick Wong. Mr. Lau was promoted as the Assistant Project Manager in 1999. As recognition to his ability, Mr. Lau was assigned to the company's pioneer chemical plant projects like Titan Polypropylene and Kaneka Paste Polymers and also housing development in Kampong Koskan and staff quarters in LKPP, Kuantan Pahang

Despite the full mental and physical involvement in ensuring all his projects met the company's operational procedures and schedule. It did not hinder Mr. Lau from furthering his drive to achieve his academic ambition. Mr. Lau graduated from University Technology Malaysia with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering (Hons) in 1999.

Self-motivated, result oriented personality and leadership charateristic were some of the qualities in Mr. Lau that attracted the company's Top Management and was promoted as the General Manager in 2012.

Business Development Manager cum Administration Manager

Joined the Company in 2005. He has worked for some Law firms prior to his employment in the commercial sector.

Mr. Jimmy Lim is in-charge of the Company's dealing with the relevant Authorities pertaining to development of properties and land matters. He is also actively involved with the vetting of legal documentation and dealings with the Company's panel of Solicitors.

In 2012, Mr. Jimmy Lim was assigned to be responsible in the conduct and performance of the Administration Department of the company. As the Administration Manager of the company, he is overall responsible in ensuring all policies, activities, procedures and instructions of the company quality systems are implemented accordingly.